‘Your love is precious, we create the rings for it’

The ring is one of the elementary forms of jewellery. Since the early days mystical powers are attributed to the ring. Without a beginning and without an end it is considered as a symbol of love, loyalty and togetherness. Throughout the years, many rituals have belonged to the wedding. The wedding ring has kept its meaning as a sign of commitment. It is tradition and is not a lifestyle product.

Not only a wedding is an opportunity to buy wedding rings. Also the renewal of the wedding vow after many years can be an occasion to renew the bond of marriage with new wedding bands.


Unlike the clothing for your wedding day, you will wear your rings lifelong. Take the time for buying the wedding ring and let a competent person advise you thoroughly. We recommend planning the purchasing of the rings at least four months prior to the wedding. JohannKaiser models are characterized through a special wearing comfort. Make the buying of your wedding rings to be a sensory experience.

The rings for the spouses can look different. One can be wider, the other can be smaller – one can be matt finished, the other can be polished – one with diamond, one without. Our partner jewellers will be very pleased to help you to realize your ideas.

With the help of REx, REx Logo .the ring expert system it is possible for our partner jewellers to design your very exclusive ring.

here links to Rex-video and to Rex deliverers) (Here you can see, how the ring experts can meet your wedding ring wishes


Let your personal taste decide which colour of gold goes best with your skin and try it out at your jeweller. Silber, copper and palladium determine the colour of the alloy. You can choose between yellow, rosé, red and white gold. JohannKaiser white gold is alloyed with palladium and is absolutely nickel-free. We are proud of the colour of our 750/- 'Lilywhite’. Alloyed only with precious metals it shines very white and is unique in Germany. Almost all our models can be realized in every alloy and all colours of gold, in platinum 950 and palladium 950.

Gold is offered in various standards and colours, the so called alloys. JohannKaiser produces all gold standards according to classical, carefully protected formulas. For your wedding rings you should choose a gold alloy with a standard of 585/- or more. The 750 gold alloy is higher in quality, heavier and shinier in colour.

Platinum is the most rare, valuable and pure of all precious metals. The mysterious moonlight-colour is characteristically only for Platinum in the standard of 950. Like all manufacturers who produce premium wedding rings, JohannKaiser only uses Pt 950. Processing platinum 950 is a challenge, and demands a lot of experience and know-how. For more detailed information about this precious material we recommend the homepage of the Platinum guild:


The hallmark JK Punzenext to the assay on the inside of your ring, guarantees the immaculate quality of the alloy.


Our diamond suppliers have guaranteed, in writing, that the delivered stones come from conflict-free areas and meet the UN-resolutions about this matter.

All JohannKaiser models are set by hand, which emphasizes the beauty of the stones and guarantees the secure fit. The weight and quality of the stones in your rings are engraved on the inside of every ring.


Traditionally wedding rings are engraved. The man’s ring carries the name of the bride, the woman’s ring carries the name of the groom and both rings bear the wedding date.

You can choose between four different fonts or give your rings a very personal touch by using your own handwriting, the "facsimile" engraving. JohannKaiser engravings are cut with diamonds, that is why they sparkle wonderfully.

Something extraordinary is the hand-engraving, where the engraver cuts your desired text by hand into your ring.